Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New DCC Spell: D'Gale's Avenging Domicile

As promised, a new 3rd Level spell for Dungeon Crawl Classics. This one is based on the "drop a house on someone" thing from Wizard of Oz.

Please do this to someone. Please, do.

D'Gale's Avenging Domicile

Level: 3 Range: Variable Duration: 1 to 10 seconds Casting time: 1 round

Save: Reflex vs. spell check number to save for half damage.

General Description: The caster points his finger at a target and shouts a demonic phrase that means, "Can't somebody drop a fucking house on this motherfucker?" A building (ranging from an outhouse to a small castle) falls from the sky and lands on the target point. All affected creatures take full damage unless they succeed in a Reflex save against the spell check DC, in which case they take half damage. Note: Best used outside. The spell will still work within an enclosed space, but ALL effects will accrue to that enclosed space.

Manifestation: A house (or other structure) literally drops from the sky. Add flourishes as desired.

Corruption Roll (1d8): (1) caster’s hands and arms develop a woodgrain pattern; (2) caster’s skin sprouts carpenter's nails; (3) caster's presence makes more likely that small objects will fall without warning from high places; (4) random bits of finished building material (e.g., boards, cut stones, etc.) fall from out of nowhere and land within a 30' radius from the caster; (5) minor; (6-7) major; (8) greater.

Misfire Roll (1d4): (1) caster falls through a portal that opens beneath his feet and emerges from another one 10' above his head, then falls to the ground, causing him to take 1d6 falling damage; (2) a nearby structure (including all contents) is flung 20 feet into the air, and lands 1d20 feet away from its starting point (roll d8 for direction); (3) caster's immediate possessions, including any armor and weapons, explode away from him causing 2d6 damage to anyone within 15 feet (save versus DC 10 for half damage); (4) caster causes all wooden objects (living or dead) within 20 feet to become strongly attracted to him for 1d6 rounds. Material will cause 4d3! damage.

What Happens

Lost, failure, and worse! Roll 1d6 modified by Luck: (0 or less) corruption + patron taint + misfire; (1-3) corruption; (4) patron taint (or corruption if no patron); (5+) misfire.
Lost. Failure.
Failure, but spell is not lost.
The caster drops a rickety wooden shack on a the target within 50 feet doing 3d6 damage.
The caster drops a brick shithouse on the target within 80 feet, doing 4d6 damage.
The caster drops several sections of mudbrick wall in a 30' radius of a target within 100 feet, doing 6d6 damage within 10', 5d6 within 20', and 4d6 within 30'.
The caster drops a moderately sized wooden structure on a target within 150 feet, doing 8d6 damage.
The caster drops several small to moderately sized brick and wood/stone structures in a 50' radius around a target within 150 feet, doing 10d6 damage within 10', 7d6 within 25', and 4d6 within 50'.
The caster rains brick structures on a target up to 200’ away. The caster can choose an area of effect ranging from a single human-sized target up to a 50' radius. Single target will take 10d6 damage. Radial target will take 10d6 damage, minus 1d6 per 10' away from center.
The caster drops a stone tower from the clouds, targeting a point up to 500’ away. The tower explodes on impact, doing 16d6 damage in a 100' radius from the target (minus 1d6 per 10' from center).
The caster drops a small castle on a target within 1000 yards, doing 25d6 damage in a 250' radius from the target. He need not be able to see the target but will still be able to sense it. If he has a token of the target (e.g., soil or a piece of stone, if a place; hair, blood, etc., if a creature) the target gets no saving throw.

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