Sunday, November 3, 2013


The Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad campaign recently passed the one year mark. In that time, I think we gamed all but about three weeks. That's 49 sessions where we did something gaming related, whether it was an actual session or just noodling around and playtesting little stuff that we'd been working on. A good run.

+Adam Muszkiewicz is getting ready to pick up the mic again. I'm not sure yet what he plans to run. It's also possible that +Wayne Snyder will run some sessions in the Thunderlands--Think Conan, Thundarr, etc., but waaaaayyy more Metal.

While all that's going on, though, I'm going to be working on a little adventure that I'm calling "Goloch-Ka." It'll be about elves and their history. It also will allow me to add something I've been wanting to do for a while now: Worthy foes.

As you may already know, Golden Ur-Hadad, the First City of Men, is a vast, sprawling metroplex of what passes for civilization on Ore. It is the center of human civilization, at least. The other races probably have other thoughts and concerns in this regard. Chief among those harboring such skepticism about humans are the elves of Ore. They play the long game. They are largely neutral on the Human Question, but there are factions among them that would like no more than to wipe the humans (and their enablers, the dwarves and halflings) from the face of the planet, or to place them under the iron non-ferrous boot of elven dominion, once more and for all time.

Until now, the Metal Gods crew hasn't been much more than a blip on the radar of the powerful of Ur-Hadad, though their activities and loyalties have been assessed and recorded by spies, lackeys, and functionaries. Their presence has been Noted. After Goloch-Ka, things will change. The surviving Metal Gods characters from the original funnel (and a few from later on) have hit 3rd level, for the most part. They're too powerful to ignore, and have begun securing a power base in the First City. Soon, events will be set in motion, and enemies will reveal themselves. They will not be the holdovers of the last regime (like the Bloody Successors), bent on their own agenda. No, they will be personal enemies, bent on the destruction of the Divine Order of the Purple Tentacle.

And a new power will arise, in the lands outside of Ur-Hadad. It will threaten every living creature on Ore.

It will be glorious.

I just needed a little inspiration, and now I've had it. And now I have a fiendish plan. Thanks, +Wayne Snyder, for bringing this down on our heads. Between the Metalocalypse rock opera he showed me (Dethklok: The Doomstar Requiem), and his Thunderlands setting ideas and Metal Gods 'zine image dump, I  just can't help but attempt to do something even more awesome. It's not all your fault, Wayne, but you keep doing things to raise the bar. You know I ain't gonna take that shit lying down.

They said to make it Brutal. I made it Brutal. Now it's time to make it... Brutal-er ('cause that's a word, okay?). And Brutality will have a face... with pointy ears... and not a cookie in sight. You've been warned.

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