Friday, February 21, 2014

Wizard Van!

Please consider supporting the company that brought us DCC RPG, and the man who gave me a chance to write my first "pro" adventure, Blood for the Serpent King. Joseph Goodman and +Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game have launched a new Kickstarter project to develop the 2014 (and onward) World Tour. Click on the link to check out the video and maybe make a pledge. That's their pitch. Now here's mine.

So... you folks have figured out by this point that I'm kind of a big fan of DCC RPG. I fell in love with the game early on. What drew it to me, frankly, was the art. I looked at the art and said, "Damn... this is what I've been looking for." Every other page the images captured what for lack of a better phrase I will refer to as "Weird Shit." I like Weird Shit very much. So I bought a copy of it, and a got some of those Weird Dice (I like dice and I like Weird Shit, so what else could I do?).

And I ran DCC RPG for my home group. We'd played Dark Heresy for nearly all our time up to that point (about 2 or 3 years). It went okay, but I think that some of the guys weren't that into it. Then my home group cracked up for a variety of reasons, but they're irrelevant. So, I was stuck. I had all this stuff, and I wanted to play, but nobody to play with.

Then, I heard about people cranking up hangout games on Google+ from +Zak Smith, so I thought I'd check that out. I had a hard time getting into a game, at first, and so did +Adam Muszkiewicz. He and I were discussing that problem, and I said, "Well, I'll run a game for you, if you want," and Adam did the same. We came up with what we'd play, posted an "ad" on G+, and thus was born the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad campaign. We've been playing since then (15 or so months so far), every Thursday night. It is so much goddamned fun. I'll be seeing most of them at GenCon this year, for the first time, and that's gonna be great. Great guys, great gaming experiences. It's for those gaming experiences that I'm pimping this Kickstarter. I want more people to have the same fun I've been having, with people who enjoy this kind of fun. Promoting the World Tour helps that happen. Simple as that.

This Kickstarter campaign not a pre-order for a product to-be-produced, as are many of these. It's to provide some funding for +Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game and Goodman Games to help promote DCC RPG. Yeah, there's swag involved, sure. But the major goal is to make more free swag available to more people who run (and play in) public games of DCC RPG. That's how J. Goodman wants to promote the game: Take it out in the world and let people play it. That's why it's called the World Tour, after all. Also, there's a big stretch goal to buy a FREAKIN' WIZARD VAN! They're gonna pimp it out for gaming and take that beast out on the road. I hope that happens, I so very much do.

The Dark Master, however, is but one man. For this effort, he requires an army. Steely-eyed warriors, corrupt wizards, and surly dwarves will fill the ranks, as will the other character classes. And, yes, there will be a fuckton of zero-level guys, too, and most of them will die. He will also need all manner of crusty grognards, bespectacled nerdlings, stone-deaf headbangers, drunken hooligans, and perhaps even You.

Will you join that army? Will you  march in its vanguard? I cannot promise you treasure or magic items. I cannot promise you victory, and cannot even promise you survival.  I can only promise three things to you: More murder. More guts. More fun. Now grab some dice and go play some DCC.

Now play us out, Alex. Play something pretty.

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