Friday, March 28, 2014

Things That Don't Inspire Me

I've written quite a few things in the past in which I explored those things that inspire me and, by extension, my gaming aesthetics. Today I'd like to talk about some things that, for whatever reason, I either don't "get," or which somehow just didn't take.

I suppose that, by now, you probably have seen this:

If I gotta work with this poorly animated actress, 
then gimme a fucking pizza already.

Largely, the comments I've seen have been skeptical about the probable quality of this rehashing (again) of an old and supposedly beloved intellectual property. Honestly, I don't give two shits about TMNT. Never have. Something about those fucking turtles always rubbed me the wrong way. In the cartoon, they just cam across as skate-bro/jock douchebags. Master Splinter? Been done, and done better. I ignored the stupid turtles and watched USA Networks Kung Fu Theatre, instead. Oh, and fuck G.I. Joe, too. If he doesn't have a submarine and kung fu grip, then I don't care.

"But Edgar," you might argue, "the TMNT comic was awesome. All that pop culture bullshit just ruined something great. You really got to look at the source material." Well... that brings me to another thing I just don't really care much about: Comics. 

Yes, I've read comics. Yes, I even own a few (Sandman, lots of R. Crumb, some Freak Brothers, that sort of thing). I've just never gotten into them to the extent some of you probably have. The reason is simple: I want to spend my money on books with words. Lots and lots of words. I read a lot, and I read quickly. Spending money on comics is, for me, a lot like spending money on a cheap pair of shoes. They don't last, so what's the point? But the art! Yes, the art. Cool enough. I'm glad it's inspiring to people, but I can find plenty of art I like, and not have to sacrifice my budget for the books with which I am filling my house (much to the dismay of my spouse).

That brings me to the last thing I just don't get and probably never will: Dr. Who. I know a lot of people who love that shit. I like those people, and generally they have decent taste (as far as I can tell), but that show is not, to put it in the proper vernacular, my particular cup of tea. Bad special effects, even now. Sometimes I can see past that, but not in this case. I completely fail to suspend disbelief enough even to watch more than an episode. I've tried. My daughter loves that show. I've even watched shows with bad special effects (and some bad acting) that I've absolutely loved (e.g., original Star Trek, Babylon 5). I guess it's like this. Those things were bad, but played seriously. Dr. Who just comes across as sort of jokey, and I'm just not getting the joke.

So... I guess this is what getting old is like. Now get the hell off my lawn, you kids!

I'm in the process of getting the final versions of the surveys for my gaming research approved by my institution's review board for human subjects research. I'm hoping approval will come today or maybe next week. As soon as it does, I'm ready to launch. Watch this space for more info. 

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