Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cities of Darkscortch Boardgame!

So, a while back I pre-ordered a board game from the Numero Group, a company specializing in reissues of out-of-print music. One of their collections of music from the 1970s caught my eye and ear, so I purchased the mp3 album: Warfaring Strangers: Darkscortch Canticles. It's early seventies heavy rock/proto-metal stuff, with a heavy Black Sabbath influence.

Later, when I was reading more about the collection, I discovered they were making a Cities of Darkscortch board game, as well. Well, it looks like they're shipping it sometime next week. Comes with the vinyl, too. I'm stoked to check it out.

Choose your band.
Get in the van.
Move through 16 sonically damaged cities
Battle 100 cutthroat quartets
Enlist the help of rock deities, sorcerers, groupies, and the windfalls of fate.
Avoid getting pubic lice, becoming an acid casualty, or finding Jesus.
Use your cunning to bribe show promoters and avoid getting blacklisted.
The ultimate goal is Numenor, 
And a record contract penned in brimstone, VD, and pot smoke.

So damned silly and so damned awesome. It pretty much screams Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad, right? How could I possibly resist the siren song of this thing I totally did not need?

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