Sunday, February 17, 2013

MGoU-H: Mysterious Temple of The Serpent God, Session 5

When we last left out party, the group was light two players, Phil and Gabriel. Tonight they were back. This left us with a group of about 20 PCs. This wasn't so much a party as it was an armed mob of murderhobos. Very murdery murderhobos with snake murder in their hearts. A lot of them. So, we split the party, sending some of the guys outside of the main temple building. That happened a bit later.

In the interim, we found the PCs pinned down by two-headed laser snake fire. Their monkeying about with the jewels from which the beams emanated had paid off handsomely in the last session. Though Scrum burned off an extremity (You really got to hand it to that guy...), one of the laser snake's eyes seemed to have shorted out a mechanism and one of the jewel fell into the PCs' greedy little hands.

This left them under fire from just the one, remaining, functional head, pressed up against the base of the statue. I, of course, had forgotten this fact due to... well... why don't we just say, "circumstances involving a rich assortment of hoppy malt beverages," and leave it at that. In any case, they went to search the unexplored rooms in the main temple building, and didn't come under fire until after the first room was explored. It was opened. It was full of shit and piss. Apparently lots of prisoners had been held here very recently. Next room... more poo and pee. Next brought a surprise: Four Urchins! This was an Easter egg for the party, as its supply of urchins had worn somewhat thin in recent days. The last room: more sewerage.

Recap so far: Laser snakes? Check. Piss and shit? Check. Urchins? Quadruple check.

As all of this is happening, John's characters are investigating the other door on the bottom of the snake statue's dais. Inside he saw a series of glass tubes filled with a glowing red liquid. It didn't look like blood. After a few moments of discussion, somebody thought it would be a good idea to break all of the tubes. First, there was a terrible roll, and no tubes were destroyed. So sad. Next strike was a bit better, and the person taking the shot avoided the gout of plasma that vented from the pipes. This also had the effect of powering down the serpent idol. Laser snake disabled? Check.

It was time for the split party to do its thing. One group would go back down the stairs under the statue, and the other would explore the temple grounds. We followed the exploits of the latter group. They investigated the ruins to the north/northwest of the temple. A successful search turned up a partially blocked tunnel, leading down and back in the direction of the temple. What they actually had discovered was the High Priest's private entrance to the underground portions of the temple.

The PCs immediately encountered resistance in the form of several degenerate serpent men. They were dispatched pretty quickly, and the group continued downward though a series of turns, downslopes, and stairs. They encountered a trap or two, but took no real damage. As they reached what seemed to be the bottom of the stairs, they were confronted by another chaos serpent blob, this one accompanied by a true serpent man. While these creatures fought hard, they did not fight for very long.

This was where I had to call the game for the night.

All in all, they resistance they're encountering has been pretty stiff, but that back entrance at least seemed to be marginally less well-guarded than the main temple entrance, at least so far. They also still haven't turned their attention to the other opening they saw below the temple, down in the gorge. They'd encountered a giant lizard which presumably came from that opening. There could be more, but that also could have been the last one.

Next time, we'll pick it up from the end of the last fight. We also have the option of following the other part of the split party back down into the bowels of the temple via the main entrance. Of, if they choose to do so, they also could try they gorge-side opening. Lots of choices, but plenty of PCs to make them.

Tune in next week for more.

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