Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm on the road today, in lovely Dalton, Georgia, CARPET CAPITAL OF THE USA! No, seriously, they make a LOT of carpet here. But... does it match the drapes? In any case, I thought I'd introduce you to my newest character: Zehra the Thief. She's nifty, and managed to avoid almost certain death last night.

One of the greatest things about this era is that I can stay in just about any hotel and there is wireless. I brought my laptop, as well, so I got to game last night. +Adam Muszkiewicz was at the helm last night, as I wasn't sure how much time/bandwidth I would have to work with in running The Mysterious Temple of The Serpent God adventure for the Metal Gods campaign. He agreed to pick up the slack. "Bring a 1st level character," he told us, so I brought Zehra.

Zehra was an absolute gem on an otherwise uninspiring sheet of zero-level characters made with the awesome utility over at the Purple Sorcerer site. I believe +Jon Marr wrote that utility. It's great. Anyway, behold my sweet Zehra:

Occupation: Burglar
Alignment: Chaotic
Strength: 7
Agility: 18
Stamina: 9 (now 8, after her near-death)
Personality: 11
Intelligence: 14
Luck: 18

How could I not make this one a thief, I ask? How not?

She also got a nifty artifact from Doom of the Savage Kings: A +1 bronze buckler that allows her to dual-wield. She could do it with that Agility, anyway, but can have a shield bonus at the same time. Coolness. Otherwise she's a pretty standard thief: Leather armor (Don't you love a girl in leather?), short-sword and dagger (though I may have to upgrade to two short swords at some point), and a short bow (she's much better with missile weapons, anyway).

The way I envision her is this. Zehra was a streetkid in Mustertown who drifted into a life of crime. Her natural skills allowed her to move from petty filtching to break-ins and other larcenous pursuits. Eventually, she caught the adventuring bug, probably from hearing about the exploits of The Divine Order of the Purple Tentacle. She managed to hook up with another crew for a while, and acquired some skills as a thief. So, now that's what she does.

Zehra is always ready to do her job. She's a very driven person. If there's a lock to be picked, a trap to be found, a person to be stabbed in the back, there you will find our chaotic little Zehra. She does try to avoid melee combat though, as her childhood has left her scrawny, and not particularly strong. She also has a somewhat delicate constitution. That's why she went adventuring with one of my 1st level warriors, Thumpy McStabsalot. He is her personal meat shield. Thumpy doesn't mind. He likes her spirit. He is somewhat concerned that she's a bit bloody-minded, and would just as soon kill a person and take their stuff as help them out. Hey, man, life on the streets has made her what she is, right? Don't judge.

In my mind she reminds me of nobody more than Alice Bag of the infamous Alice Bag Band:

She's pretty badass. Anyway, she almost died last night, but was saved by the Xalto, cleric of the Liquor Lord. Thanks, Xalto! I'm really, really looking forward to playing this one.

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