Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Research Survey: Social Media and Online Gaming

Fellow gamers, I request your help.

As I mentioned before, in an earlier post, I am conducting a research project about tabletop roleplaying games. As part of that research, I will be publicizing a number of surveys on this blog, and on various Google+ communities. This is the first of the surveys, and it deals with how gamers use online media to engage in gaming activities, broadly defined. There are 31 questions in this survey. Please take the time to answer them as completely and specifically as possible.

In a perfect world, everyone who has me in a circle or community will pass this along to others, and I'll have a very, very large number of respondents. I would like to have as many of you take the time to respond as I can get. I would be very pleased to have your participation. I would be doubly pleased if you each would pass this opportunity to participate in my research along to others who might also be interested.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from a couple thousand of you, and appreciate (very much!) the time you will spend on this.

If you are interested in doing more surveys for this research project, please follow this blog, and you will be able to find them here.

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