Saturday, April 5, 2014

Next Survey: General Survey of Participation in Tabletop RPGs

Geez, Johnson, all you post these days are these stupid fucking surveys!

Yes, sadly, that is true. I promise a real post or two sometime this weekend. There may be poetry, even.

For now, though, a new survey! This on is a pretty general romp through the landscape of your experiences with tabletop RPGs, from when you got started, to your encounters with the Original Game, to your thoughts (if any) about D&D Next. It's 37 questions, and probably will take you the standard amount of time to complete (est. at 20 minutes).

Coming soon: Three more surveys.

Also, thanks to everyone who already has completed surveys. If you are able, please help me reach more people for whom this research might be relevant. Pimp it, yo!

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