Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Von Fürstenberg Schism, pt. 3: Session 2 Recap

Session 2: Into the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

PCs need to investigate. After having some great ideas about how to investigate the whereabouts of Lys von Furstenberg, the acolytes were successful in turning up information about transportation providers. They found that a group led by an off-world woman sought transport to The Furies, a ring of islands 20,000 km west of Tovograd.

Further investigation successes turned up the following:

1.      The party left four days ago. It consisted of a woman, accompanied by one man. She seemed to be in charge. They were accompanied by an entourage of mercenary guards, servants, and servitors.
2.      The party was supposedly going to the islands for trophy hunting. The Furies are rocky islands (dark, basaltic stone), formerly volcanic, and are known for a variety of beautiful, odd, and dangerous species of animals and plants.
3.      It's possible that there are primitive orc tribes in The Furies.
4.      There are rumors of ancient ruins to be found there.

The Facts on the Ground
1.      Lys von Furstenberg, accompanied by Davos, has gone to The Furies.
2.      Some of the rumors are true.
3.      They are accompanied by about two dozen support personnel, guards, and servitors.
4.      There are dangerous critters on that island, but the party is not hunting them.
5.      There are orcs on The Furies. They are primitive and use primitive weapons, including poisoned weapons of various types.
6.      There are ancient ruins, there. They seem to belong to some long-lost civilization, and are on a scale so large as to be inhuman.
7.      They are dark stone, cyclopean, and sprawl across (through, and under) the island chain. They are, basically a mega-dungeon/temple complex. The major "temple" is deep in the interior or Magyaru, the largest of The Furies.
8.      Lys V-F has gone there to hide out and to continue her studies into the dark art of necromancy. The Old Ones are rumored to have developed the Dark Arts to an extent that beggars belief. She hopes to learn at the feet (tentacles?) of these dark masters.

In any event, the acolytes visited a bar in Tovograd, one with a reputation for being frequented by pilots. They found a pilot/guide who agreed to take them to Magyaru, but only after they threatened him with the wrath of the Inquistion should he fail to do so. They took off later that night, and landed just before dawn on the east coast of Magyaru. 

At this point, the party consisted of: 

Vincent Clemens: Big brick of a guardsman, and his faithful cargo servitor (who carries all of his many weapons).
Jeromy: Guardsman (substitute PC for Mark, who failed to show for the game)
Ferrus D'Angelus: Adept (Rhonda)
Alistair: Arbitrator (Kevin)
Castus: Imperial Psyker (John)
Ianescu: Tech Priest (Jason)

They were accompanied by their guide. 

From where they set down on the coast, the temple complex's nearest entrance is 140 km inland from the northeast corner of Magyaru. On foot, it's about a week's journey. The land ascends toward the center of the island. The island is actually part of the eroding wall of a massive crater. It appears to be volcanic in origin, but may, instead, have come from a cataclysmic meteor strike, millions of years in the past.

As they approach, they see a prominence in the distance, which looks like a mountain peak. However, they soon will find that, "That's no mountain. It's a building. A really, really big building, one made for really, really big… things. Whatever they are, it ain't people."

That's where we ended things. Next time, the party makes its way through the jungle, fighting feral orcs and other terrifying creatures native to Magyaru. These creatures are a large part of the reason it's developing a reputation among beast traders.

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