Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the 3rd Day of Zappadan: Cosmik Debris

On this day of Zappadan, I was at a bit of loss what to choose. So, I went with my gut and chose Cozmik Debris, because it's got wizardry in it.

"BUT I GOT A KRISTL BOL!," he said 
An' held it to the light 
So I snatched it 
All away from him 
An' I showed him how to do it right 
I wrapped a newspaper 'round my head 
So I'd look like I was Deep 
I said some Mumbo Jumbos then 
An' told him he was goin' to sleep 
I robbed his rings 
An' pocket watch 
An' everything else I found 
I had that sucker hypnotized 
He couldn't even make a sound 
I proceeded to tell him his future then 
As long as he was hanging around, 
I said 
"The price of meat has just gone up 
An' yer ol' lady has just gone down . . . "

I can just see Jack Vance's character, Cugel, when I listen to this song. And then the real guitar wizardry kicks in, and I begin to see the real source of the magic that is FZ. Indeed, Steve Vai, one of the Metal Gods studied at this master's feet, learning his craft, before ultimately setting off in search of his own fortune. But that's a story for another day. Actually, let's examine it now:

This is giving me an idea about how wizards class characters could be used to do up Bards in a brand new way. Why not instead of a staff, and instrument? Instead of gesturing and chanting and whatnot, one "plays" one's spells. Wizards "jam" with their apprentices to share the knowledge, but any particular spell is always somewhat unique to the mage who is casting it. It's never the same for anyone (Hello, Mercurial Magic!). And you can fuck it up too: Missed notes, broken strings, and so forth. 

Anyhow, there's plenty of mythical literature that uses music as soemthing magical and/or musical instruments as magic items. If you create a wizard who uses music, it's sort of like a bard, but not so lame. It's like a bard who rocks... who rocks the very foundations of space and time. How about that.

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