Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today is Bummernacht, the First Day of Zappadan

The festival of Zappadan is finally upon us! Yes, this is not the usual gaming fare, but (as I explained a couple of days ago), my latest foray into DCC and other Appendix N inspired games has got me thinking about the role of virtuoso absurdism in The Game World. There is so much to be loved there.

For me, Frank was my entree to absurdity in (adult) music, to guitar heroes, to fucking jazz of all things. He actually made me like jazz, the bastard. More than anything though, I wish he was around to skewer this lastest crop of pricks, moral scolds, and other assorted shitstains who are afflicting my country.

So, today marks the first day of Zappadan: Bummernacht, and the anniversary of FZ's death. Perhaps a little enema would help?

Besides, anyone with the balls to wear that jumpsuit deserves respect. Also, there are plenty of things to be found in his music worth of emulation in gaming. Intelligent wild swine, for one. Also, twists on themes: Chaos poodles sound like a thing I might do at some point. No seriously: CHAOS POODLES! Don't worry, though. Frank's got this handled.

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  1. What about ravening hordes of chaos poodles? I'm sort of terrified by the image of thousands of perfectly-groomed, doll-eyed monstrosities armed with tiny mouths dripping with rapid foam. Aaaand tentacles. Gotta be tentacles.