Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zappadan, Day 9: Stick It Out

And now a little something for our German-speaking friends.

This very, very odd song is about having sex with a German-made device that looks like a mechanical pig. Now hell do I make this about RPG gaming?

It's about cyborgs, and robots, and the interrelationships between human beings and our mechanical friends. And, yes, it does end badly sometimes:

One of the things I've really enjoyed in gaming lately is (for me at least) how a lot of the people I'm reading and a lot of the people I'm following on G+ are mixing and matching genres in fun ways. Robots in the dungeon. Magic in sci-fi. I mean there's always be a lot of that in the speculative genres of literature (and film, of course). There's Wagon Train (but in space):

I think there's a lot of stuff in Star Wars that could easily be set in a fantasy novel. In some ways, Game of Thrones is a lot like Star Wars, or at least like it could have been if Luke and Leia had... well, you know. This is a fucking family blog, so I'm not gonna spell it out for ya, okay?

So, if you want killer robot clowns in your dungeon, go for it. Chainswords? Hell yeah. 

And give me give me give me that cyborg!

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