Saturday, December 14, 2013


+Stacy Dellorfano and a whole host of creative and hard-working folk are gearing up for their online gaming con,  +ConTessa, once again. You can find much more information about that, here, at the ConTessa site, and I encourage you to support their efforts through their Indiegogo fundraiser.

This convention is a way to provide a whole bunch of creative women with a space, and opportunity, and a format for tabletop gaming. It also is open to anyone, regardless of biology or gender identity.

Please throw your support (and ducats) their way.

Here's a bit more about the event:

About ConTessa
ConTessa is an apolitical space for women to lead their own tabletop gaming convention, deciding which games they want to run and which panels they want to moderate. ConTessa is a celebration showcasing women who play, create, and love tabletop games.
In addition, it provides women with an outlet to experience gaming as gamers, setting aside for a few fun-filled days the women's issues discussions that often dominate our time and energy in the hobby. While women run all aspects of ConTessa, anyone can join in the fun - playing in games, joining a panel, or watching events. The convention is held online, spanning the globe, open to all. Google Hangouts keeps things accessible - no need for a high-end computer or expensive specialized equipment, just click and play.

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