Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Zappadan!

Yes, it's December 4th again, and I will be marking my participation in my favorite winter festival: Zappadan. Conceived by the fellows over at a blog called The Aristocrats, this festival is a celebration of the life and works of Frank Zappa. It runs from December 4th (the date of FZ's death) and ends on December 21st (the date of his birth). The conceit is thus: During the December 4-21 period, we live in  A World Without Frank. He is dead, and has not yet been reborn. Thus, true believers preserve the world from mediocrity by keeping FZ's spirit alive. I am one of those true believers.

That said, I will not bore you (or kill myself) by attempting, as I did last year, to make a Zappa/gaming-themed post on each day of Zappadan. I will, however, post a video on each day, for your consideration. It's about the only way I ever "get religion," so I hope you'll bear with me. And, yes, there will be other (gaming-related) posts during Zappadan.

So, for our first video, I give you "Toads of the Short Forest," from the Weasels Ripped My Flesh album:

Now that's a close shave!

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