Monday, December 16, 2013

A Very Metal Holiday Session

On Thursday, I'll be a version running +Michael Curtis's special holiday module, The Old God's Return. I made sure to order it early, so I'd have it for a session before everybody scattered to the winds for the holidays. There's just one problem: +Doug Kovacs. He'll be joining us, and he did the maps for this thing. He knows the adventure. Or at least he did. I've made a few... alterations. Pray I do not alter it further.

This version of the adventure has been "metalized," to accord with the Metal Gods campaign's aesthetic, and its particular idiom. I've been scouring YouTube for obscure heavy metal bands and appropriately themed songs. Inspired by these heavy carols, the Lost Hymns, I have completely fucked up most of Michael's hard work.

As I meditated upon these Lost Hymns, something was revealed to me. For every one of the Metal Gods, there is its opposite: A Disco Lord--a demon prince of overpriced vodka, cheap cologne, and shitty dance music. Gibbandy the Dance Lord is their patriarch. He is not Heavy. He is not Metal. He was cast out of Ore long ago, but his fiendish cult still persists. They have opened a portal to the Land of Rainbow Snow, and Gibbandy's return is nigh. Can the adventurers avert this terrible fate, return Gibbandy and his minions to the remainder bin of history, and escape?

You'll have to wait for the session recap to find out.