Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creature Feature: Ancient One of Magyaru

This one falls into the "best creature I never got to use" category. I may have to find a way to fit it into my DCC campaign, when the time comes.

Creature Name:                 Ancient One of Magyaru            
Habitat:                    Ancient Ruins on the Island of Magyaru (Trotsky V)                       
Ecological Niche ( Apex Predator, Special )
Schtick: These highly-intelligent beings are members of an ancient race, native to Trotsky V. They are hexapodal, and look like very large, armored, six-armed octopi (or hexapi, if you prefer). They are intimate with the Warp, and wise in its ways. They keep more or less to themselves, but venture out of their underground lairs at times to bask in the full light of Trotsky V's green-blue moon, and feed upon the life essences of whatever creatures they encounter, the more intelligent the better (the complex thoughts and emotions of intelligent creatures are "tasty" to them. They have the ability to cast "spells" like a psyker or sorcerer, but are not subject to perils of the Warp or to Tzeetch's curse. Their spells tend to be about concealment, illusion, confusion, and fear. They also are capable of Telepathy, and have a very potent attack, the Dream Killer. This works from a successful Illusion spell and a successful Telepathy check (both must be accomplished, and it takes two half-actions, one for each).     Once cast, the target is confronted by a Fear 3 creature of his or her worst nightmares, tailored to the PC or NPC's psyche. These creatures attack the target's Willpower, holding them still and reducing them to abject horror, and, eventually, complete insanity. They also have immensely strong tentacles, and are capable of the same sorts of attacks as Water Whips. Binding targets with tentacles, and paralyzing them. These, however, do not feed directly on the target, but simply disable it and make it easier to target with the Dream Killer attack.                                                     

Wounds:         25       
Movement: 9/18/18/36
Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb (Str), Concealment (Ag), Contortionist (Ag), Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Swim (Str)
Talents: Catfall, Die Hard, Fearless, Heightened Senses (Hearing), Iron Jaw, Psy Rating 5, Strong Minded,
Traits: Dark Sight, Natural Armor (4), Hexaped (x3 movement), Sturdy, Unnatural Toughness (x2), Unnatural Senses
Armor: (4 All)
Other Weapons:
·         Tentacle (1d5+4 Primitive, Special: Toxic): Target must make Toughness test at -10 to avoid paralysis, and an opposed Strength test to escape. From there on out, the victim will take 1 point of corrosion damage from acid oozing from spines. This also affects armor, which loses AP on that location until all AP gone. This causes damage to the armor itself, reducing that number of points of protection on that location until it is repaired).
·         Illusion [Threshold: varies Focus Time: varies Sustain: Yes Range: 15m]: This power gives the creature the ability create illusions of various sorts. Any creature within range of the power must make a Hard (-20) Willpower Test, or be convinced of its reality.
o   simple (8, half action): Hides or alters small things in small ways (e.g., hide a pit in the floor)
o   intermediate (16, full action): Hides or alters substantial things in substantial ways (e.g., the illusion of a large group of orks attacking)
o   complex (24, full action): Creates world-building illusion, creating a whole new reality for the target.
·         Telepathy (11) [Threshold: 11 Focus Time: Half Action Sustain: Yes Range: 100m]: As per telepathy in the DHCR. When used with Dream Killer, it's used as a transference mechanism for the complex Illusion element of that attack.

·         Dominate [Threshold: 24 Focus Time: Half Action Sustain: Yes Range: 8m]
One of the most infamous of all telepathic abilities, you reach out with your mind to seize control of another’s body. Make an Opposed Test, pitting your Willpower against the target’s. If you succeed, you control your target’s body as if it were a puppet. For as long as the power remains active, you may divide up your Actions between yourself and your target. The dominated target uses its own Characteristics, but takes a –10 penalty to all Tests because it is controlled. Any action that could be deemed as suicidal grants the target a new Willpower Test to try and break your hold. Overbleed: For every 10 points by which you exceed the power’s Threshold, you gain a +10 bonus on your Opposed Willpower Test.
·         Dream Killer (requires successful casting roll for both illusion (complex) and Telepathy).
1.      Once that happens, target must make WP test against Fear 3, or be afflicted by the Dream Killer. If target fails to save, he or she is paralyzed with fear.
2.      The creature will then begin to draw life energy from the target at a rate of 1d2 Wounds per round. 
3.      The target will also accumulate Insanity Points at a rate of 1d10 per round.
4.      Finally, the target will lose 5 points-WP Bonus from Willpower, permanently, each round it's in the creature's power.
5.      Once successfully attacked, the target cannot break free of the creature's influence without outside help—he or she is locked into the terrifying illusion. In order to break the creature's grip on the target, it must take 5 or more damage in a single round.
6.      If the target doesn't break free before its wounds reach 0, it dies.
7.      The target can burn a Fate Point to escape, and we could just assume that the creature has tired of "eating" because it has become "full."
·              Regenerate [Threshold 23/ Focus Time: Full Action / Sustain: Yes / Range: Self]: As per the Biomancy power of this name.
Each Round this power is active, you remove 1d5 points of Damage (removing Critical Damage first) and have all levels of Fatigue removed. Once all Damage is removed, you begin to regrow lost organs, limbs, and so on.

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