Monday, October 29, 2012

Reminder: Next installment of Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad DCC

Peoples! Your attention!

Just a reminder that my next session of my (and Adam's) Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad DCC campaign will be on Thursday at 7:30 Eastern U.S. time.

If you are interested in playing, but have not yet done so, just go on over to Purple Sorcerer and generate some 0-level characters. Choose "Option Awesome" and be sure to look at the average and modifier information in the top left-hand corner of the character sheet. If the numbers are significantly below 10.5/+0, then re-roll. I they're close, keep it. It'll work.

Also, to new and current players, we will be using some adjustments in our game.

First, during combat each player gets to act with one PC. You may have as many as four PCs, but you choose which will act. Some discussion of the reasons for that change occurred on this blog already. Just read it. Also read Adam's take on many of the same things, here. I think our viewpoints are more or less the same.

Next, as a result of that thing I just said, combat is going to get a bit deadlier. The NPCs and monsters will act more often. However, I will tend to have them act against whoever just attacked, unless there is some compelling reason not to, or a compelling reason to attack someone else.

Also, we should be able to move a bit more quickly than last time. I think we all know the Roll20 interface a bit better, now, and the pace of action is going to accelerate because there's not really going to be any travel/downtime in this session.

Finally, we're getting ready to do some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling... with EVERYTHING that implies. Be alert. Watch each others' backs. Remember that the monsters aren't the only things you need to fear.

I wish we were playing today, frankly, because I'm ready to go! See you Thursday.

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