Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Von Furstenberg Schism, pt. 5: Confronting the von Furstenberg Party

Sessions 3 & 4 Brief Recap

I don't have notes about these sessions, for whatever reason. I think maybe it was because several of my players flaked out on me due to their interrelated personal drama. I may have been more interested in getting this done than in documenting it. Beer may also have been involved.

 In any case, the PCs were awesome. They managed to plow through the opposition with little trouble. I used several dungeon levels from Castle of the Mad Archmage. They encountered Spider Dogs and Razor Beasts and killed them all. Easily. I think only one PC took damage. Once again, the tech priest and his power scythe took out the baddest baddies. On one roll, he triggered the Righteous Fury rule and did 45 points of damage. He killed it instantly. It was sick.

Once they reached the main party of baddies, they found them in the midst of sacrificing slaves in front of some artifact of the Old Ones. Unfortunately, the PCs managed to roll very, very well. The NPCs didn't do well at all, and they were killed down to the last person. For the first time, the PCs used Fear effects to their advantage, and my ace in the hole, an incredibly powerful chaos sorcerer, did his best impression of Mr. Chicken until he was dispatched by the PCs. Most depressing. It's really making me look forward to playing something a bit more deadly. Like DCC. Zero-level funnel, here I come.

John the Psyker approached the Obelisk of the Old Ones, but failed to have anything good happen. He took some insanity and some corruption.

This campaign also marked the last game with three of my players, who had been involved in some sort of weird love triangle (or pentagon, or whatever) with each other. The newest person to the game apparently decided he liked the game, but told me he couldn't make the sessions due to his work schedule. The female of the group told me that she couldn't play because "Things are just sort of crazy right now." And the other one (her partner) just stopped showing up at a certain point. I found out a bit later that the new guy had started his own campaign, and had more or less poached my players. It was all very strange, and I'm still a little bitter about it, frankly. I put a lot of time into those campaigns, and, truth be told, indulged a lot of people's bullshit in-game and out. 

I'm pretty sure that I did the best I could to make the game interesting and challenging, but apparently it was not enough. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

In the aftermath, the PCs hiked out, stole the other party's shuttle, and made their way back to the mainland. The new guy's character strapped a bomb to his body, and tried to blow the hatch off, to no avail. But then we didn't have him to kick around anymore. The other PCs (now only NPCs), managed to make it out. 

Once they checked in, they would find a message waiting for them. It was from their old Inquisitrix, Dorothea Senjak. She bade them attend her, and not to contact Steffi Krueger. That would lead us to the next Campaign: The Order of the Infinite Way.

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