Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Order of the Infinite Way, pt. 3: Session 1 and Some Background

Session 1 Recap

As I have mentioned, the acolytes left Magyaru (Trotsky V) after a brief battle with an enemy pilot, and have arrived on Valis (Ursula II), coming in through the spaceport on the southern continent.

Their initial investigation led them to a mid-hive apartment complex, in the name of Davilia Mythrux. A subsequent search of the apartments where the daemonhost first originated revealed a scene of brutal carnage, with roughly a dozen young members of the planet's noble families pureed into a bloody paste that coats the walls, floor, and ceiling. There is a scribed circle of with arcane symbols, and an intact (though somewhat charred) Malefic Codex. On its cover is the Ankh-like symbol of The Order of the Infinite Way (an ankh with a Moebius Strip at its head, instead of a simple loop).

Other than that, the apartment doesn’t seem lived in, so much as it seems like a place that gets used sometimes. There are a variety of sex toys and the clothing available here seems to be lingerie, for the most part.

Questioning of the superintendent suggests that the apartment was used by a young woman, primarily, who received frequent visits from an older man. The acolytes hypothesized (incorrectly) that she was whoring for kicks, and (correctly) that she may have been the mistress to someone, and that this was the love nest they used. 

What's Really Going On

The planet's nobility contains elements of a very, very old order of sorcerers, The Order of the Infinite Way. Their symbol looks like an ankh, but with a Moebius Strip in place of the regular, single loop. They are sorcerers, some powerful and some not, and they tend to draw members from the nobility, especially among the Great Houses of Mythrux, Dekkarta, and Paxxu.

A member of the Order of the Infinite Way, Miklas Freeny, brought in a new member, his young mistress Davilia Mythrux, who more or less began to teach the magic she was learning to her peers, in order to show off and gain status among them. The young nobles tried to create a daemonhost out of a mendicant found in one of the hive city's seedier districts, not seeing it as anything but an amusing diversion. Many of them had no clue what could (or would) happen next. Things did not, shall we say, go as planned. The mistress was killed along with her circle of dilettantes, and her lover/teacher's grimoire was left at the crime scene. It is the malefic codex found in the room where the creature was made to exist. Freeny will want to recover it at all costs.

Miklas Freeny. is also, in fact, the leader of The Order of the Infinite Way, and has many resources at his disposal, though they will have to be deployed subtly, so that The Order is not discovered. He is motivated to act now, not only because of the obvious danger of discovery by the Inquisition, but also by his anger at himself for falling prey to the oldest of magics: Feminine wiles. He also, now, and somewhat irrationally, has hardened his stance toward House Mythrux, largely due to the fact that one of its members (Davilia, his mistress) precipitated all of his current problems. He fears that Alize Mythrux might just use this incident, should it come fully to light, to replace him as leader of The Order. This campaign to replace his leadership, probably, would precede (but only by the slimmest of margins) her campaign to end his life.

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